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Farmhouses ➔ Freeze House [1896-1904]

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Photograph of what is described as the Freeze House in Argyle (ME) with family (and horse) in front. The exact location is not clear, but a comment on the back of a duplicate seems to suggest that the house in the back is the John Dow house. The lot to the north of John Dow's land was in fact owned by William W. Freeze (1841-1913), a Civil War veteran and lumberman, so the photo may depict his house. According to the 1875 Comstock map, Freeze's house was on the land side of the road and actually to the south of Dow's, which agrees with the sunlight in the photo as indicated by the shadows cast by the chimneys. According to the label on the back, the picture was taken by C. F. Rhodes.

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Rhodes, Charles Frank (creator)