Rhodes, Charles Frank  (1860 – 1919)

Individual, PER.2023.5
Born in Saco (ME) (probably in July 1860), Rhodes came to Old Town in the early 1890s and went into business with R.H. Howe on 113 Main Street in 1894, buying out the latter in 1896. In 1904 he sold his business to A.F. Orr and moved to Portland. After the untimely death of his only son Roscoe J. (1886-1906), he gave up photography and was associated with the Maine State School in South Portland and other institutions of a reformatory nature. He died on the grounds of the Maryland Training school for Boys in Cambridge (MD) on October 2, 1919. In addition to studio portraits, Rhodes photographed landscapes, high school sports teams, and (farm)houses in the Old Town area and elsewhere. For a short while, he operated a branch in Danforth (1901), while his wife ran the store in Old Town. During his partnership with Howe, he may have been active in Ellsworth as well. He made documented photo trips to Greenville and vicinity (for "views of lumber camps"), Dedham (resulting in "pictures of quite a number of residences"), and the western part of Maine (for "interior photograph viewing") in 1900, 1903, and (early) 1904, respectively.