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Unidentified family in front of a farmhouse and barn at an unknown location. According to a note on the back one of the women was "Mrs. Turtelot, Amos Webb's mother". This surely is a reference to Amos Harold Webb (1890-1971) of Bradley and his mother Anna Maria Webb Tourtlott (born Blissville, NB, c.1864), in which case Mrs. Turtelot would likely be the younger woman in the photo. The house is said to be "just above the cemetery," but there is no indication in which town. Anna lived in a number of places, including Vanceboro (1890, birth certificate for Amos), Costigan (1899, birth certificate for Marion Gladys T.), and Argyle (1900 census), before settling down in Milo (1910,1920 census). Both her husbands mostly worked as laborers. If the photo was taken in Argyle, the cemetery referred to probably would have been the Hemlock Stream Cemetery, right next to the Comstock & Leavitt Saw & Shingles mill and School #3. According to the 1875 Comstock map, the  one house just north of it was a farmhouse owned by one J(ohn) Wesley Foster (1836-1892). Based on the same 1875 Comstock map, Argyle's other cemetery had a house just north of it too. However, that house belonged to Lorenzo Grant (1836-1896) and later his wife Lucy (Bussell) Grant (1841-1919). Given the social status of the Grants, the house on the photo seems a bit too modest. On the back there appear to be traces of a stamp similar to the one used by Orr. 

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Orr, Adelbert Frederick (creator)