Orr, Adelbert Frederick  (1872 – 1940)

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Adelbert F. Orr was born in Alton on 1872/12/6 and attended school in Pea Cove and Old Town. After some time out of state, he returned to Old Town around 1900 and started a lunch room, which closed after a few years. In May 1904, he took over Charles F. Rhodes' photography business "over N.H.A. Gammon's Harness Store," which was then 113 Main Street and located at what is now the northern half of lot 25-009, which has 227 Main Street for its street address. He continued this business until 1922, when he switched to a career in physical therapy. After studies in Washington DC, he worked for nine years in St. John. In 1933, he is listed as a naturopath at his mother's address in Old Town and starting in 1935, he is listed in Bar Harbor as "naturopath, physiotherapist and chiropractor". he died in Bar Harbor on 1940/5/13. He is buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor.