Charlie Dow House [1904-1921]
View of Dow House from the NW.

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Photo of the Charlie Dow House in Argyle with William (Billie) W. Brown (New Brunswick, 1843 - ?) and his wife Nettie (Freeze) (Argyle, 1847- 1933) in front. Nettie was the oldest sister of Hattie, who was married to Charlie Dow (1861-1945). Probably they were just visiting, which means the woman on the right may have been Hattie (1858-1928). Sometime in the 1890s, Charlie acquired the lot immediately north of the lot that was owned or used to be owned by Gilbert W. Freeze (1819-1896), Nettie's and Hattie's father. Most likely this was the location of the Dow house. Note the river in the background. Today, the river side of the lot (now 959 Southgate Road) appears to be a farm and/or junkyard, but there still are contours visible of what seems to have been a structure. Schoolhouse #1 would have been across the street. According to the stamp on the back, the photo was taken by A.F. Orr.

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Orr, Adelbert Frederick (creator)