Poem by Louis A. Heath [1948]
Image of Poem by Louis A. Heath

Poem by Louis A. Heath [1948]

Descriptive Object

A picture affixed to a piece of posterboard depicting Pea Cove Station, a train station in Old Town, Maine that operated in the early 20th century. Beneath the picture a poem titled "Maines Golden River" laments the loss of the station and other local industry as well as a hand-drawn picture. Poem and drawing are signed "Louis A. Heath, '48."

On the reverse side of the posterboard Mr. Heath wrote in clear, carefully-lettered cursive a message to the intended recipient of this handmade gift, "Warren Dority, the boy that snored out loud," and second poem, signed "In friendliness toward all men. Louis A. Heath." In the message to Mr. Dority Mr. Heath explains that the Pea Cove Station picture on the front side "is one [he] made during the years [he] worked for the Daily News;" and that "it has faded some - it was printed in the News." Heath was 78 when he made this gift, according to the reverse-side message. A typewritten transcription is enclosed with the object.