Universalist Church (Old Town) [XX Club, 1890s]

Descriptive Object

Photo of three men and nine women. On the back, the man at the center is identified as Andrews, Universalist Minister. Others are identified as  Helen Pratt, Susann Pratt, Nellie Chapman, Clara Cooper, Lida Brown, and William Waterhouse. Undoubtedly, Andrews refers to Frank C. Andrews, who was the Universalist minister in Old Town from 1891 to 1897. Thus the photo most likely dates from the 1890s, which is corroborated by fashion and hairdo. Most of the others mentioned by name are known to have been officers of the so-called (Universalist) XX Club. This club was responsible for the organization of a lot of social activities for younger people during the 1890s and early 1900s. Starting in 1895, members would proudly sport a double-X pin to identify them as a member. The organization seems to have faded away in the 1910s. This photo might be either a group portrait of all of the XX Club in its very early years or a portrait of just its officers. Since there are no pins, this owuld mean that the photo was taken in or before 1895.