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Ada Rogers [1868-1870]

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Carte de Visite for D. Ada Rogers, as listed on the front. Most likely this was D(elia) Ada Rogers (1843-1923). Born in Lincolnville, she married J. Oscar Foss (then of Milford) in Rockland in 1868. Oscar must have passed away soon after, as Ada remarried in 1870, this time with William Blackman (1837-1923) of Bradley---a grandson of Bradley Blackman, after whom the town was named. Again, vows were exchanged in Rockland, but both Ada and William are listed as from Bradley. In 1872, the couple, along with three of William's younger brothers and their families, relocated to what was then Washington Territory.  William's brothers settled in Snohomish, WA, where a number of former Bradley residents had settled two decades earlier. Soon, they were heavily engaged in lumbering and over time they had a major impact on the economic development of the area. It seems likely that William and Ada were in Snohomish as well, but by 1883, they lived in Seattle, about 20 miles south of Snohomish, where William was engaged in the lumber trade for many years. It is unclear when the photo was taken. Since Ada's maiden name is used and she appears to be wearing mourning clothing, it seems plausible that the photo was taken when she was between her two marriages. As listed on the back, the photo was taken by Moses Luther Averill (1825-1894), who was active as a photographer in the 1860s and early 1870s.

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Averill, Moses Lucien (creator)